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PTFE Molding Lined Pipe Fittings
PTFE Isostatic molding uses coarser granular PTFE powders to fill a rubber bag within a pressure pot.  The bag is placed over a mandrel which forms the internal diameter of the tube and using water pressure a loose powder fill is compressed onto the mandrel.  It is subsequently removed from the vessel and placed in an oven for sintering.

PTFE Isostatic molding Liner Pipe Fittings uses coarser granular PTFE powders to fill a rubber bag within a pressure pot. 
The bag is placed over a mandrel which forms the internal diameter of the tube and using water pressure a loose powder fill is compressed onto the mandrel.  It is subsequently removed from the vessel and placed in an oven for sintering. 
Its advantage is that it is a less expensive process, but the PTFE has a coarse surface finish and the random molecular orientation of the PTFE molecules reduces its permeation performance compared to paste extruded PTFE pipe liners and PFA lined fittings. MVI do not recommend this processing method for permeant duties, or those requiring cleanliness or cleanability.


PTFE Molded Lining Straight Pipes

Technical Specification

Pipe Material:
Seamless Steel APL5L GR.B
Stainless Steel SS304 or SS316
Liner Material:
PTFE Granular White ASTM-D4895,

Flange Type:
Weld-Neck, Slip-On, Lap-Joint (According to GB, ASME, JIS, BS, DIN)
Available on request:
Two fixed or two loosed flanges,
ASME B16.5 Class 300 flanges,
DIN EN1092-1 PN25, PN40 flanges.

Sizes: DN 15~1300
Liner Thickness: 3~10mm (According to sizes and medium)
Pressure: As per steel pipe recommendation
Working Temperature: -60 to 200  (depending on operation pressure and the material )


We undertake the design, manufacture and consult of various complex non-standard products.


PTFE Molding Liner Non-standard Fittings

Through welding the reinforcing steel nets,and isostatic molding by a high pressure vessel, we can produce high density PTFE liner which would be good for high temperature and vacuum working condition. Using high performance PTFE raw material from famous brand, the PTFE molding piping systems could be instead of PFA liner fittings used in some permeation resistance applications, providing the long service life.  


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Welding Steel Net Before Lining                                 Isostatic Molding In High Pressure Vessel


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                      High Performance PTFE Lining Special Structure Fitting


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